Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trips, Holidays, and Loads of Fun

In mid-December we went to Utah to attend the wedding of Becca, one of my mission companions. Liliana handled her first airplane trip like a champ - although she refused to nap either at the airport or on the plane. We had a great time visiting with family and friends while we were in Utah. Liliana got to play with her cousins, Kaden and Daxton, and I got to spend time with my parents, and my siblings (Renee, Joey, and Ren's husband, Larry). David and I really enjoyed the spirit that was present during the beautiful wedding ceremony. It was only the third live sealing I have been able to attend and it was wonderful.

Upon returning to Washington we were hit with a long stretch of cold, snowy, and windy weather (must be the effects of global warming). The iced over snowy roads made for interesting driving conditions when we went to David's extended family Christmas Eve party. Also, as a result of all the snow and ice, a number of flights were canceled at the airport. This made our plans for flying standby to California to visit my grandparents impossible. We were told that Christmas day was a good day to fly standby because most people were already where they wanted to be so there was usually some space available on the planes. However, with the tens of thousands of people who hadn't made it to their destinations, that changed everything. We have been continuing to check flight availability and we're hoping to make it to L.A. tomorrow so Great Grandma and Grandpa Jovet can spend some time with Liliana (and us, if they're interested).

The day after Christmas we had a little game night with some good friends and their spouses who all happened to be in town for the holidays. Then yesterday we attended my Grandma Thompson's Christmas party and got a picture of Liliana with Santa (my great Uncle Joe). I thought Liliana was going to cry or at least be unhappy about sitting on his lap, but she just kept looking at him like she was trying to figure him out. We even got her to turn around and smile for a picture!

Well, the new year is fast upon us. Liliana will turn one year old in less than a month! David will finish his last class this quarter and graduate in March! I should be done with my degree by June. After that....the sky is the limit! I wonder what new adventures await us this year...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giving Thanks

Liliana's first Thanksgiving has already come and gone. She tried a little of almost everything on my plate and seemed to like it all. We celebrated Thanksgiving with David's family at his aunt and uncle's home on Angle Lake. Liliana was one of three babies in the family who were celebrating their first Thanksgiving. Liliana, being a curious kid, picked up a set of 1 pound hand weights after dinner (I guess she wanted to work of some of those extra calories) and was holding them up and out, showing them off to anyone who would pay attention. I managed to snap a couple of photos before she held them up to high over her head and the weight carried her backwards. Her face changed from a big grin to a look of complete surprise as she tipped over and ended up lying flat on her back. After a taking a moment to let what had happened sink in, Liliana began to cry very loudly. I'm pretty sure she was more upset by the shock of what had happened than hurt.

Liliana has a seventh tooth coming in now. She decided to try out that new tooth on me one morning when I was nursing her. Let's just say that I let out a yelp, she drew blood, and I refused to nurse her for a little while after that. Luckily for her, she hasn't tried to chomp on me again because I won't hesitate to wean her instantly if she pulls that once more!

My great aunt Deb gave Liliana a little rocking horse. Liliana has figured out how to rock it back and forth as well as bounce up and down on it. She really likes to play on that toy. The other day she got a little confused between trying to rock it back and forth and trying to bounce up and down and she started shaking her head back and forth, not going anywhere. It was pretty funny to watch.

We set up our Christmas tree on Saturday. Liliana enjoys pulling the ornaments off the bottom branches, but doesn't seem to pay much attention to the tree as a whole. Luckily David and I were thinking when we purchased our decorations on our first Christmas together and bought all plastic decorations (the ones that look glass, but are kid friendly).

Liliana has begun to say, "hi" in response to others who say it to her. It sounds more like, "eye-eeee" but it is really cute. She is also waving like a champ now (before she would only wave sometimes - I guess she just had to be in the mood - but now she'll do it any time someone waves to her. Another thing she is doing is standing without support - though she gets nervous and sits down and soon as she realizes that she's doing it. It is amazing to see how much she is learning and growing. I can't believe that she's 10 and a half months old already! Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love me, Stranger

At church on Sunday David and I were sitting in the back row of the chapel and Liliana was crawling around on the floor and playing with some quiet toys. A brother in the ward that Liliana has only really seen once before entered the chapel and she immediately lifted her arms up and smiled at him to pick her up. David and I both had to fight back the laughter because she has never done that to strangers before and she really doesn't even raise her arms for us to pick her up either. The brother bent right over and picked her up and she seemed very happy to be held by him. Babies are so funny!

In this picture Liliana is wearing a dress that my dad brought back for her from Hong Kong. She looked so cute in it!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Liliana is sprouting new teeth like crazy. She's just had her two center teeth on the bottom since July, but few weeks ago I noticed something white flash when I was pushing her in the swing at the park. I stopped the swing and checked out her mouth and, sure enough, the corner of her tooth was poking through on the top. However, it wasn't one of her center teeth - it was the next one over on the side. I've never seen a baby get side teeth in before their center teeth. It looked pretty funny for a few days until the center tooth next to it pushed through the skin. Now the other center tooth and the incisor next to it are on the verge of breaking through and will probably make their appearance in the next day or so. Liliana will have gone from two teeth to six teeth in a matter of a few weeks. I am already getting nostalgic over her loss of the "gummy grin". She is looking less like a baby and more like a toddler every day and I can't believe how fast it is happening.

I'm enjoying my Achievement Day Leader calling at church. I get to work with the eight to eleven year old girls on different activities that help them complete the requirements for the Faith in God award. For a bit of insight into what we do, you can check out our ADG (Achievement Day Girls) website.

David is applying for graduation for next quarter and will only have one more class to take to complete his degree! It will be nice to not have both of us in school come March - and I'll only have one quarter left at that point. The goal line is near!

Random wandering thought: I love the Fall in Washington. The deciduous leaves are turning yellow, orange, red, and brown. Yet we maintain a lot of greenery from the abundant evergreen trees. The air has a crispness to it and carries the wonderful smell of fallen leaves. Thanksgiving is fast upon us (which just happens to be my favorite holiday - family, focus on blessings, great food, kick off the holiday season). God truly has made a magnificently beautiful world for us to behold, care for, and inhabit.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goodbye Grandpa

Where do I start? A couple of months ago my grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It hit with a vengeance and Grandpa Thompson passed away last Tuesday. I have been so blessed to have had all four of my grandparents throughout my childhood and into my adult life. I guess I took it for granted that they were always around because I have learned so much about him in the last week since his passing that I just never knew before. For example, while I was aware that he was an extremely talented musician, I didn't know that he played his violin in the San Francisco World's Fair when he was nine years old. Also, I did not know that his work for Boeing as an engineer included helping with the lunar lander and assisting with the engineering that fixed the oxygen problem in the Apollo 13 mission. I also learned this week that the violin my mom plays was originally my grandfather's and that he gave it to her when she was big enough to play an adult sized violin, rather than the child-sized one on which she had learned. I knew my grandfather was an avid family history buff, but didn't know that he had a chair in his back room that was covered in a sheet that came over on the Mayflower. I knew my grandfather loved the outdoors and had been involved with the Boy Scouts for most of his life, but I was not aware of the extensive reach his scouting activities and projects had. I am so grateful for a grandfather who accepted the gospel and grasped the iron rod firmly with one hand, while clinging to his family with the other. He was a pioneer in the gospel and I thank him for the testimony he instilled in my mother so that she could in turn instill it in me.

I am glad I had the opportunity to get some pictures of my grandfather with Liliana with my grandfather at her blessing back in March, while he was still healthy. I will always remember how much Grandpa Thompson loved babies and let us all know that they were the real reason he attended all the family functions (though we knew he loved seeing us too). Though Liliana won't remember him, I know his life has laid a great foundation for her and the generations that will follow.

I am sooooooo thankful for the Plan of Salvation and for my knowledge of it. It has made this temporary separation from my grandfather bearable for my family because we know that we will all be reunited on the other side. Grandpa has simply gone on ahead and will continue in the Lord's service on the other side. I love you, Grandpa, and told you so many times. And even though you weren't the type to openly show affection or emotions, I know you love me too.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Change of Plans

Well, my practicum placement at the preschool has fallen through, so now I'm just taking one class this quarter and we only meet once a week for three hours. To be honest, I'm actually quite relieved. I get to be with my baby and don't have to stress about not spending enough time with her. Things started falling apart a couple of weeks ago when my first placement fell through and then my back-up placement just didn't get cleared fast enough - which worked out for the better since part of my child-care situation fell through at the last minute as well. David's Dad was going to be watching Liliana in the mornings until he had to leave for work a little before 3pm and then a good friend of mine was going to watch Liliana in the afternoons until I got home. My friend had some problems arise at the last minute and wasn't going to be able to watch Liliana in the afternoon and I didn't want to leave her with just anyone. When everything hit the fan Tuesday evening, I just started stressing out and crying. I asked David to give me a blessing. We had a really good conversation and prayed together before the blessing and I knew before he even gave me the blessing that it was the right thing to do for me to pare back and just take the one class this quarter so I could be with my baby. I felt so relieved and everything worked out fine with getting withdrawn from the practicum, even though I was passed the official withdrawal date (since I was without a placement in which to get my practicum hours, there was no way to complete the class, so the school was willing to refund my tuition - for which I am soooo grateful).

This morning David was holding Liliana and she turned, looked at me, and said, "Mama". She has been making the "mamama ma ma" noises for awhile, but I never really felt like she was necessarily calling to me until today. After she said it, she leaned my direction, as if she was expecting me to come pick her up. She was hungry and ready to feed, and since I'm the "food lady", she probably figured she better get my attention!

Later this morning, while I was getting David's lunch together, Liliana was crawling around the kitchen. I realized that things were quiet and looked around to see what she was up to. She had climbed into her bumbo seat (a little foamy baby seat that sits on the floor) all by herself! I took a picture and we'll get that posted on our family website.

Oh, I am sooooo relieved to be staying with my baby. This actually works out so well, because if I am able to get my placement in the preschool/childcare center near my home next quarter, once Liliana turns a year (2 weeks into the quarter), I can just take her to the center with me and pay 50% tuition since I'll be an employee. I had originally been planning to take her with me to the center this quarter, but was informed that the employee discount only applies to babies over 1 and that full-priced tuition was about $340 a week - ouch! Since I'll have completed this other class, my coursework will be a bit lighter next quarter as well. We'll see what happens. Whether or not I'm able to graduate in June now, I know I'm exactly where I need to be and that Heavenly Father will guide me in what is best for me and my family - as long as I'm willing to let Him.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shake Your Booty

Yesterday Liliana randomly started "dancing" (kind of shaking and wiggling back and forth) when I was singing to her. It was so cute! I started clapping, which made her stop dancing and clap too. Later in the day she was playing with a toy that makes music and she would do her quick little wiggle-dance to the music. It's so fun to see her learn and do new things. I am going to have such a hard time being away from her while I'm at school or at the preschool for my practicum. I just have to remind myself that it is just a ten week quarter for the Practicum and then one last ten week quarter for my student teaching. Come March, I'll be done. I've got to keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel and not get all flustered by the stress and sadness at being in school and away from my baby. I'm so close I can almost taste it. I really want to set the example for my children by completing my four year degree (even though I'll have actually taken about 6 years worth of college classes by the time I'm finished). I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Stand Up, Sit Down, Wiggle All Around

Liliana is now 8 months old! She has been officially crawling for over a month now and is very fast. She can also pull herself up on just about anything: tables, chairs, people's legs, walls, large toys, etc). I've had to move everything up a shelf or two. Liliana has also figured out how to open drawers and cabinets, so we've had to latch the cabinets that we really don't want her to get into, and I just have to keep her from taking everything out of the other ones.

David and I just returned home last night from a trip to Spokane, WA and Post Falls, ID. David was attending a business conference in Spokane on Thursday and Friday and we stayed at a beautiful hotel called Davenport Tower. The original Davenport Hotel (opened in 1914, I think) is kitty-corner across the street from the Tower and that is where the conference was held. The Davenport has been beautifully restored and it is full of amazing pictures of dinners, balls, and other events that have taken place there over the past century. I took a little self-guided tour through the hotel with Liliana, though I think she was not able to appreciate the hand-carved moldings and beautiful detail work throughout the hotel. Liliana and I also took nice long walks around the Spokane Riverfront Park and I helped her get wet in the park fountain on Friday, when we were experiencing 87 plus degrees outside. Liliana was a little freaked out the first time she stuck her hand in the spray of the fountain because the water ricocheted off her hand and splashed her in the face, but she started laughing after I helped her get used to it. I took Liliana to a couple of the conference "receptions" and walked her around some of the exhibits/booths. Everyone seemed excited to talk to her and offer her all the little handouts (beach balls, a boomerang, foamy ball, light-up pens, etc.) that they were handing out. Liliana also attended the final conference dinner with David and I and made loud noises at all the quietest moments. People seemed to think it was funny and no one seemed to mind, but it was still a little embarrassing to have her calling out right when everyone had quieted in order to hear a presenter.

After the conference we went to visit David's parents and stayed with them Friday and Saturday night. Liliana was the star of the show all weekend long. One of my mission companions, previously known as Sister Zehnter, lives in the same ward as David's parents and she came over with her two little ones to visit on Saturday. It was fun to see her and watch out kiddos interact. It's strange to think how much time and life experience has gone by since we were teamed up in McAllen, TX.

I'm still working out the details with my ECE practicum. There have been a few wrinkles that have arisen (such as the center I was supposed to work at has had a hiring freeze placed on them - which includes my previously arranged position - and they didn't tell me until I went in to fill out paperwork for my class last week), and class is officially starting on Wednesday. I'm hoping and praying that things will work out because I really don't want to put this off another quarter. Keep us in your prayers that things will work out so we can get our schooling all done!

Anyway, David has updated our baby photo page on our website, so have a peek if you want to see how big Liliana is getting now ( I'll see what I can do about getting some of our million videos on there as well. Love to you all!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Babies Galore!

The past few weeks have been fun and full of excitement. My older sister, Renee, came up to visit from Utah with her family. Her husband, Larry, had to head home after a week, but Renee and the boys (Kaden - 3 yrs and Daxton - 4.5 mos) were able to stay for about 3 weeks! It was such a blast to have all the baby cousins together. David and I hadn't been able to meet Daxton until their visit, so we were exceptionally excited to have them come. My other sister (Sylvie) brought her son (Mason - 6 mos) over as well and we just let all the babies check each other out, lick each others' heads, and steal toys from one another. It was so fun to watch them interact.

We had some pictures done with all four of the cousins together and they came out really cute. I'll get them scanned in and posted so you can check them out from our family website.

Liliana is over six and a half months old now. Can you believe it? Her second tooth started coming in about two or three weeks ago and has caught up to the first one, so she's got a cute little chipmunk thing going on now. She's also eating some solid foods - although I don't know if eating is the correct term. What I mean is that even though she does eat some of the solids I giver her, she also enjoys blowing raspberries while her mouth is full and splattering herself, the kitchen, and me with sticky food. I think I'm going to have to go buy myself a rain poncho to use during feedings.

Liliana still isn't officially crawling, but she can get all over the house with her push-up/scoot thingy that she does. I guess she figures that since this is working to get her around, she shouldn't bother changing her methods.

I am preparing to go back to school in September to finish my Early Childhood Education Practicum and my Elementary Ed. Student Teaching. While I'm not looking forward to being away from my baby for 8+ hours a day for the next two quarters, I am excited about the prospect of completing my degree. I am also aware that if I don't complete my degree now, it is only going to get harder to do as Liliana gets older and wants more mommy-time and as David and I have more children (God willing). So, with help from David's dad and some good friends who have offered to watch Liliana while I'm at school and David's at work, I should be able to finish my degree/certification by March. Please keep me in your prayers that I'll be able to balance all the homework and family responsibilities without going crazy or neglecting my baby.

I sure love being a mom and am enjoying the excitement of watching Liliana grow and progress day by day. It is amazing to think how much she has learned and developed in such a short time. It is true that "time moves on wings of lightning" and I just hope I am able to make the most of the time I have been allotted to care for, love, and raise my baby.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On the Move

Liliana is really moving now! She isn't quite crawling - but just about. She has been moving herself along the floor for a few weeks now by getting on her hands and toes (like a push-up) and pushing herself forward. Just this past week she has begun to get up on her knees more and more. Once on her knees, Liliana rocks forward and backward and then eventually goes back to the toe-push deal. I think she just hasn't quite figured out how to slide one leg forward at a time yet. Friday, June 27th Liliana scooted clear across the living room floor in pursuit of a ball that kept rolling away from her whenever she reached out to grab it.

From Saturday, June 28th until Sunday, July 6th, we were down in Seaside, Oregon for our fourth of July family vacation. Grandma and Grandpa Thompson, my mom, David's parents, my sister Sylvie and her husband and son, and my uncle Steven and his family were all there. Liliana got to dip her feet in the ocean for the first time and wiggled her toes in the sand. She seemed to really enjoy the beach. On the fourth, we watched fireworks from the hotel room where David's parents were staying right down on the beach. Liliana was very fascinated by the lights and kept cooing, jabbering, and blowing raspberries as she watched.

Wednesday, July 2nd, I noticed something white just barely poking up through Liliana's lower gums and I suspected that she might have a tooth coming in. However, it was dark in our tent and Liliana wasn't cooperating to let me get a good look so David and I weren't able to confirm that she was cutting a tooth until the morning. I can't believe she's already teething! I thought I still had another month or two, at least. She has already bitten me twice while feeding now and David once when he stuck his finger in her mouth.

We had a wonderful time on our little trip and were glad to be able to enjoy good weather for the majority of our trip (though it did rain our last day there). I'll get our vacation pictures posted right away so you can check out Liliana's first real beach trip.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rock 'N' Roll

Liliana is really moving around. She is rolling easily from her back to her front to her back and can roll back the other way too, if she doesn’t get too cranky about being on her tummy first. Over the Memorial Day weekend David and I drove Liliana over to visit David’s parents in Idaho. We had her lying down on the floor under her “activity gym” and watched as she rolled back and forth and eventually ended up on her back, turned 180 degrees from where she had begun. Pretty soon I won’t be able to turn my back, even for a second, because she’ll be off and rolling away! She’s also getting pretty good and pulling herself into a sitting position by just holding onto David’s or my pointer fingers. She’s a strong little girl and it appears that she’s in a big hurry to move and grow.

Yesterday my nephew, Mason, came over and spent the day with Liliana and I. He and Liliana just stared at each other and tried to touch each other’s faces and hands. Mason managed to pull Liliana’s binky out of her mouth by the cord (her “binky bling”, as I call it). Later, possibly in retaliation, Liliana rolled on top of Mason and started checking out his face with her fingers. I happened to be working in the kitchen and was made aware of the situation by the sudden howl my nephew let out. When I came into the living room, I started laughing and quickly moved Liliana. She seemed to be oblivious to the fact that Mason was upset about her laying on him and poking at his mouth and eyes. I wish I had taken a picture, but I’m pretty sure Mason is glad I didn’t take the time to go pull out the camera while he was being attacked. Liliana and Mason enjoyed the rest of the day together, sucking on each other’s toys and observing one another. Liliana hopes her cousin will come back again soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sleep: More or Less

Liliana slept for over 8 hours straight the other night, and as soon as I told people about it, she began waking up every 2-3 hours again. I feel like every time we take a step forward, we have to take a few back, too. I guess part of her sleep issue may be blamed on David and I. We had been doing really well at getting her to bed at a consistent time for quite awhile, but this past week we've had so much going on that her naps and bedtime have been thrown off track. It would appear that the inconsistency is wearing on Liliana and preventing her from sleeping well, falling asleep when she normally would, and staying asleep for a full nap or full night's sleep. We're going to be extra vigilant now to make sure her naps and bed time are brought back to a consistent schedule that ensures she'll get enough rest. When she's well rested, she is a very calm, happy baby, but this past week has had her a little less patient, a little more cranky, and a little less cheerful. Shame on mommy and daddy!

I've noticed that Liliana has been really intent on watching her hands lately. Just the other day I was lying on the bed feeding her, and she reached up and grabbed my shirt sleeve with her arm. She immediately became distracted from eating and began examining her fingers as she opened and closed them around the fabric of my sleeve. She watched carefully as she moved her hands back and forth and attempted to pull the sleeve toward her mouth. Today she was lying on her back and just looking at her hands as she opened and closed them and moved her hands back and forth. It is so amazing to watch her discover things she can do. I can almost see her realizing that she is controlling the movements she sees and then trying to move her hands and fingers in different ways. She is incredible and I just love her soooooo much!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Last Saturday night Liliana slept from just before 10pm until just after 5:30am. That was over 7.5 hours straight! After eating at 5:30am, she went back to sleep for a few more hours. It was fabulous! I felt so rested Sunday morning. She is really getting good about going down for naps and going to sleep at night. I've been watching for her sleepy signs and putting her down to sleep as soon as she begins to appear tired. A friend of mine (Menzel - one of my mission companions) recommended a book to me called, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby" and I've been following a lot of the suggestions in that book ever since we first brought Liliana home from the hospital. I would have to say that it has definitely helped us to ensure that Liliana is well rested - which helps her be a very cheerful and happy baby - which, in turn, helps David and I be better rested and happy too. I highly recommend that book to anybody wanting to get their kids enough sleep to maintain their health, happiness, and sanity.

David's parents were both in town this past weekend. It is fun to watch them play with the baby. She absolutely loves them and eats up all the attention she gets. David's mom, Mary, brought some little rattle-like toys and Liliana has been having a ball grabbing them and trying to stick them in her mouth. She is really getting good at picking toys up and getting them to her mouth where she can sufficiently slime them up! I'll get some videos posted of her playing with her little toys.

I can't believe how big she is getting and how quickly she is learning to do things. Time sure is zooming by and I feel as though if I blink, I might miss something. Liliana is such a joy to have in our home and I am sooooooo incredibly grateful to have not only the privilege to be her mother, but to be able to stay home with her as well. Thank you, David, for making it possible with all your hard work!

Speaking of David... after this very busy quarter of school in which he is taking a full load, David will only have four classes left in order to complete his four year degree! CWU offers two of those classes during Summer quarter, one during Fall, and the last one in Winter quarter. The end is in sight and David won't have to do any more crazy quarters like this one! I am so impressed with how well he has managed to balance everything and maintain his sanity. He is quite the guy and I'm lucky to have him as my eternal companion. =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let Laughter Fill the Air

I can't believe that I forgot to write about Liliana's first laughs. A few days before her last check-up (March 25th, or so), David was changing Liliana's diaper and making faces and noises at her. She gave him her first real laugh and it just melted his heart. A day or two later I was blowing raspberries at Liliana and she started cracking up. We caught some of it on video, which can be viewed from our home page. Since she started laughing, we have had the joy of hearing her beautiful giggles - even over the silliest little things. She was cracking up the other day just because David was nodding his head at her. She laughed the other day when I answered the phone (apparently I sounded funny). Sometimes she'll crack up if I pretend to sneeze and other times she seems to be laughing for now apparent reason. It is so fun to hear her laugh!

Last week Liliana started attempting to reach for things. She has some little plastic rings that I sometimes hold over her when she's lying on her back and now she manages to get her hands over to them and pinch a few fingers around them. When she sits in her bumbo seat, we'll put some of the rings on her tray and she goes to town trying to grab at them (in her uncoordinated manner) and often manages to toss them off the tray. I had her sitting in her bumbo in front of me on the table while I was eating breakfast the other day and she kept reaching down and knocking over my cup (I'm not sure if she was trying to pick it up, but all she managed to do was tip it over a number of times). She is still working on getting her hands to go where she wants them when she wants them to, but she is definitely progressing. I can't believe how fast she is learning and growing!

Friday, April 4, 2008

What a trip

David had to go to Ohio for work in mid-March. Not wanting to be home alone with the baby for a week, I packed Liliana into the car and took a rode trip over to David's parents' house in Post Falls, Idaho. Liliana did an excellent job sleeping the entire ride. I stopped twice during the five hour drive to feed her and let her out of her seat. She went right back to sleep after I fed her and let her move around for awhile and we were able to make the trip without any trouble. Grandma and Grandpa Hernandez were thrilled to be able to show Liliana off to their coworkers and ward members. They wanted us to stay longer, but we had to get home in time to collect David from the airport. It was the first time David and I had been apart since we were married. It wasn't very fun to have him hundreds of miles away and I hope we don't have to do it again. At least Liliana and I were well taken care of by my in-laws and had a very enjoyable visit with them.

Liliana's cousin, Mason, was blessed last Sunday. My mom and brother, Joey, came up from Utah to be here for the special event. It was a lot of fun to have much of the family together again.

Liliana had her 2 month check-up last week and she weighed in at 12 pounds, 12 ounces and 23 1/4 inches long. She is in the 90th percentile for weight, 80th for height, and 50th for head circumference. That means that there are some babies out there with massive noggins!

I better leave off here for now, as Liliana is getting cranky.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So Blessed

Liliana was blessed on Sunday, March 1st. David pronounced the blessing and was accompanied in the blessing circle by his dad, Jim Hernandez, Bishop Perkins, my Grandpa Thompson, Uncle David, Bryant Owen, Johnathan Tyler, Brad Singley, and my brother-in-law, Andrew Dorsett. Many family members attended the blessing: My mom, David's parents, my sister Nicole, my sister Sylvie and her husband Andrew, David's Grandma Neta, my Great Aunt Deb, Great Uncle Joe, Grandma and Grandpa Thompson, and David's cousin Rosemary and her husband Ricky. Just as Christ took the little children in his arms and blessed them, David held our daughter and gave her a beautiful blessing. Among some of the blessings David pronounced upon her, Liliana was promised health, strength, proper development, an ability to listen to and follow the promptings of the Spirit, and a desire to keep the commandments of God. After the blessing, David, my mother, and I all bore our testimonies about how the love we feel in our families (especially towards our babies) gives us a glimpse into how much our Father in Heaven loves us. I am so thankful for my family and the knowledge that I have that we have been sealed through temple covenants and that we can be together forever if we live worthily of that overwhelmingly beautiful blessing.

PS. The gorgeous blessing gown you see Liliana wearing in the pictures was made by my great-aunt Deb with a little help from my mom and Grandma Thompson.

Moving too fast

Liliana turned six weeks old on Saturday and decided to celebrate by rolling over. David watched her do it a couple of times and called me over to see. After watching her roll once, I ran for the video camera, hoping that she'd be willing to do it at least one more time. Luckily Liliana cooperated and we were able to catch her unbelievable roll at six weeks on film. Check it out on our family website!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 weeks and counting

Liliana is now five weeks old. Over the past 3 weeks she has really grown and changed a lot. She started really smiling at us just before she was four weeks old. She had smiled before, but it was more reflexive than an actual social response. When she did give me that first gummy grin that I could tell was meant to be a smile, it was obvious that she was interacting with me. Now she smiles frequently throughout the day. Liliana is also becoming much more social verbally. She coos and makes sweet little baby noises almost as if she's holding a conversation and responding to whomever she is "talking" to. It is fun to be part of the chatter or to watch her "talk" to someone else.

My older sister, Renee, and her son, Kaden, were here visiting for about three weeks from Utah. They were able to see some of the exciting developments in Liliana's early weeks. It was so fun to have them here and it was sad to see them leave last Tuesday. Renee will be having her second baby in mid-March. That will be cousin number three for Liliana - all of which are boys!

Last Saturday, at her five week mark, Liliana was lying on her stomach on the floor and she was seriously trying to roll over! I know it doesn't sound possible, but David and I watched her push herself from her stomach up onto her side, all by herself. We couldn't believe our eyes. It would seem that she is in a hurry to grow up and get moving - which is inconvenient since I would like her to stay a little tiny baby for a long time.

Liliana has outgrown some of her newborn outfits and when David first started putting her into the three month sized clothes last week, they looked way too big on her. But now, only a week and a half later, they are fitting her quite nicely. We can't get over how quickly she's filling out and stretching longer and longer.

Yesterday I took Liliana for a nice little walk to enjoy the weather. Her aunts, Sylvie and Nicole, came with us and brought Liliana's cousin, Mason. We walked up to Fred Myers because they were having a great sale and we loaded up on baby clothes and a few things for the mommies and auntie.

Last night David and I took Liliana to visit some friends for dinner and to meet their little baby that was born a couple of weeks ago. We laid the babies on the floor and they were checking each other out (as much as babies that age can) and "holding" each others' hands when they happened to grab each others' fists. Liliana looked quite big next to that two week old.

David is going to bless Liliana this Sunday at church. We look forward to sharing this special occasion with friends and family.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Two weeks and two days

I can't believe that my baby is already two weeks old. It still seems surreal that David and I are parents, but at the same time it seems like Liliana has been part of our family forever and it wouldn't be complete without her. I suppose that doesn't really make sense from the way I worded it, but I imagine that all you parents know exactly what I'm talking about.

Last Tuesday Liliana had a check-up with her pediatrician, Dr. Christopher. He said, "She's a 10 out of 10, perfect, beautiful baby!" They weighed her and she was 8 pounds 6 ounces - up nearly a pound since she was born. I guess she must be eating well. I thought she was filling out around her cheeks (both sets).

My sister, Renee, her son, Kaden, and my father flew into town from Utah last week and have been a great support and a joy to have staying with us. My dad was only able to stay until Thursday, but he'll be back this week if everything works out. My mother came back to town from Utah on Friday and is staying until tomorrow afternoon. We're all hoping that my sister, Sylvie, will have her baby while my mother is still in town. Sylvie is now a week past her due date and she's quite ready to have her baby and be done with this pregnancy.

Liliana is becoming more alert and attentive every day. She has a strong little neck that she uses to lift her head and look all around. Her eyes are blue-gray (like her daddy's) and bright as can be when she's checking out the people and things around her. This morning my nephew, Kaden, was sitting near her while she was lying on a blanket on the floor. She kept craning her neck and twisting her little body to look at Kaden while he was chattering loudly and lively. I was impressed by her ability to follow the sound and watch my nephew.

Today David is starting his new position at Paccar. So, in order to make sure her daddy was well prepared for his training today, Liliana had an extra fussy and cranky time last night and kept David from getting a good night's rest. While I don't want to see time fly by, I am looking forward to reaching the six weeks of age point, when the pediatrician says evening fussiness declines and the baby will likely sleep for about 6 hours straight at night. Liliana sleeps great during the day, but she wants to be awake and gets fussy/cranky between about 10pm and 1am. I'm sure we'll get that day-night confusion straightened out sooner or later - but in the meantime I'll have to keep taking naps with Liliana during the day.

Liliana made her debut at church yesterday. It was fun to see everyone's reaction to her. She pretty much slept the entire time we were there. David will be blessing her during next month's fast Sunday meeting.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I can't believe that my little munchkin is already 9 days old. It is incredible how fast this past week has flown by. She's already looking a little fuller around the cheeks (both sets).

I just want to say that David is the most amazing husband. He's been so supportive and such a source of strength to me throughout the pregnancy, birth, and this first week of serious life adjustment. I could not imagine trying to figure out the whole mommy thing without my fabulous companion guiding and helping me each step of the way. I am overjoyed and my heart is full of gratitude to my Father in Heaven for blessing me with such a beautiful family.

David's parents were able to be here last weekend when Liliana was born and they were so wonderful to fix the leaky shower faucet that I managed to break the day we ended up in the hospital to have our baby. They also stocked our cupboards and refrigerator so we had plenty of goods to come home to. It was wonderful.

My mother came into town on Thursday evening and has been a huge help to me as I continue recovering from the birth. She's heading back to Utah tomorrow, so we're all hoping that my sister, Sylvie has her baby tonight before my mom has to leave town. Well, if Sylvie follows the same pattern I did, her baby won't be here for another week still.

I have to send a shout out to the wonderful individuals and families that have been so kind as to bring us meals. You know who you are and I hope you know how much David and I appreciate you. It just makes it nice to have one less thing to worry about and try to take care of during this initial recovery and adjustment time.

It is also so nice to know that I have such wonderful supporting family and friends nearby. My sisters, aunts, David and my grandmothers, Susie (my best bud since childhood), and all you wonderful friends from church or work. Thanks for all your encouragement and support.

My sister, Nicole (self-proclaimed favorite auntie), hosted a beautiful baby shower this past weekend in order for some extended family members and people from my parent's home ward to meet Liliana. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate all the adorable baby gifts that people so generously brought. Thanks, Nicole!

I'm loving being a stay-at-home mom and I am so thankful to my hardworking husband for making this possible. I couldn't imagine how hard it would be to have to turn around and head back to work, leaving my precious bundle in someone else's care. I would have too hard of a time with that. I already catch myself spending a lot of time just watching my baby sleep. I know I'm biased, but I think she is absolutely beautiful.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Final Labor Notes

7:00pm - Petocin was started again as Janine's contractions had slowed down.
8:00pm - Janine was fully dialated and the baby was at +2
8:45pm - Dr. Moore determined that Janine was ready to start pushing and preparations began
9:02pm - Liliana Hernandez was born 7lbs., 7.5oz; 19.5in long.
10:30pm - Both Liliana and Janine are doing great and were taken care of by the nursing staff, David's parents, Sylvie, Andrew, and Nicole all met Liliana for the first time.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Labor Update

4:30pm - Janine's water broke.
4:45pm - Janine and I decided to ask for an epidural. Dr. Herman checked janine and she is dialated 8cm. Dr. Herman approved the epidural.
5:20pm - Epidural administered and Janine experienced almost instant relief.
6:00pm - Janine is resting, her contractions are about 4 min. appart without the aid of the petocin drip. Baby is health and happy.

Labor Update

Saturday 19-Jan-08
3:00pm - Dialated 7cm
3:45pm - A little more mophine was administered and the petocin dosage was raised to 3 mL/hr. Once again Janine is able to sleep between contractions.

Labor Progress notes

Friday 18-Jan-2008
3:30pm Appointment - Found out that the ambiotic fluid levels where a little low, Dr. decided to send us directly to the Birth Center to be induced.
5:00pm - Checked in the birth center and was put in the triage section.
5:30pm - David left to buy the parts needed to repair the shower, thus turning back on the water in the house. He also picked up the last few things from the house.
5:45pm - Janine was placed in room 2303 for the duration.
9:00pm - Dr. and Nurse
10:00 pm - Called parents and find out that they had already arrived and that dad had repaired the shower. We invited them to the hospital on the condition that they bring us dinner.
12:00am - Settled down to sleep
3:30am - Nurse "Mo" came in to adjust the EFT to pick up the baby's heart rate better. Janine was feeling stronger contractions and cramping.
4:00am - An IV was placed
4:45am - Dr. Moore checked on Janine, determined that she was dialated to 3cm and decided to postpone the administration of Petocin.
7:00am - Dialated to 4cm, 80% effaced
9:45am - Dr. Letinski arrived and checked Janine. She was dialated to about 5cm and about 85% effaced.
10:30am - Dr. Lentinsky evaluated Janine's progress and decided to start a petocin drip (1 mL /hr.
11:00am - Petocin drip increased to 2mL /Hr
11:40am - Janine climbed into the tub to try and relax.
1:15pm - Dialated to 6cm. Small dosage of morphine administered. Janine was able to sleep between contractions.

Monday, January 14, 2008