Saturday, October 16, 2010

When Grandmas Aren't Nice

This weekend Grandma Cindy was in town and stayed with us. David and I took advantage and went out to celebrate our 5th anniversary at a delicious Brazilian Grill in Seattle and then went to the 5th Avenue Theater and watched a great performance of "In The Heights". My sister and her husband also went out for their anniversary and brought their little ones to my place for my mom to watch as well. The next morning I was talking with Liliana about her evening with Grandma. Liliana said, "Grandma let me watch a movie with Mason. When the movie was finished, she put me straight to bed. That wasn't very nice of her."
I laughed out loud. Apparently the fact that Grandma had let Liliana stay up a little late to watch a movie was not good enough.
I asked Liliana what movie she watched. She told me, "It had one Cinderella and a mean guy with black clothes. It had two Cinderellas and Sleeping Beauty and swimming alligators and birds and a frog." I couldn't for the life of me figure out what movie we had that matched this description - especially since Liliana hasn't seen Sleeping Beauty and had only seen Cinderella once several months ago with Bapa (Grandpa Hernandez). I told my mom about Liliana's movie description and she said it was actually fairly accurate because they had watched Swan Princess, which has several princesses in it for part of it and does have alligators, birds, and a frog that all swim. They had watched it on Netflix, which was why it hadn't come to mind when I was trying to match Liliana's description to the movies we own. I'm impressed by how well she was able to recall and describe the movie to me. She's getting bigger and better at communicating all the time!
Emmett's 4th tooth on the bottom is starting to come through now. Once the two molars and this current tooth come in completely, he'll be up to 10 teeth. He is also getting better at standing for longer periods without holding on to anything, but he's still afraid to step unless he's holding onto furniture or someone's hand. It's just a matter of time before he decides to try and walk unassisted, but for now, I get to keep my "little" crawling baby.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More teeth = More drool

Emmett has been drooling non-stop all over and it is pretty gross. This morning I figured out what all the drool is about...he's got two molars coming through on top! I was surprised to seem them coming in already, but I guess he is approaching his 1st birthday. Liliana started getting her molars right about the time she turned one. Emmett's still about 6 weeks out, and I still haven't fully grasped that almost an entire year has passed since his birth, so I really wasn't expecting that yet. Oh, my little baby is getting so big, so fast!