Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello, friend

During church today, Edison's fans were waving at him from the pew behind us. After smiling at them for awhile, he decided to award their attentions with a return wave. At first I was not completely convinced it was intentional, but after he repeated the wave action twice more within a few minutes, I think we can safely say Edison has figured out how to wave hello! Next time you see him, give your salutations with a wave of the hand and see if he will graciously return your greeting in kind.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Emmett's Incredible Disappearing Act

I awoke to screams and sobs coming from the kids' room around 2:30 this morning and flew out of bed to the rescue. When I got into the room, Liliana was wailing, "I looked everywhere and I can't find Emmett in our room!" I knew exactly what had happened as soon as she said it. I had come in to check on the kids before I had gone to bed and saw that Liliana had gone to sleep on the bottom of Emmett's bed and Emmett was laying very close to the edge of his bed. I had rolled him gently back to the middle of his bed and placed an extra blanket in a soft pile next to his bed just in case he rolled back. (*He has fallen out of bed before. That first time did it, he had fallen back asleep trying to climb back I to bed and by the time I arrived on the scene, he was sleeping with his feet on the floor and his top half on the bed.) This time I started to chuckle as I looked around the dark room and saw how Liliana could become quite panicked in the dark. Both beds were bare -Liliana's, having been stripped when she hauled her bedding over to the foot of Emmett's bed, and Emmett's bed, having lost both sets of bedding when he rolled off into the awaiting blanket and when Liliana jumped up searching for him. I showed Liliana where Emmett was and explained what had happened and helped her get calm and settled back into bed. I then carefully picked Emmett up and put him back to bed. He managed to sleep through the entire event and had no idea what we were talking about when Liliana and I were discussing the episode this morning! I wish I slept that soundly. 😉

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Things they do that I love

~Emmett's response when daddy gives him a playful spank on the bum - "Don't hit some people!" ~When Liliana thinks something is very funny, she starts laughing uncontrollably and keeps going until she is red in the face and has tears rolling down her cheeks. ~Edison loves his big brother and sister and laughs at just about everything they do. ~Edison will be playing with toys on the floor and rolling around, but if he makes eye contact and realizes someone is watching him, a huge smile dreads across his face that brightens his entire countenance. ~Sometimes Emmett and I will banter in a fun way. For example, he might make a comment like, "That is too silly." I respond with, "YOU'RE too silly." and he will say, "No. YOU'RE too silly." and we go back and forth over and over until he is laughing too much to keep it up. ~Some mornings I wake up to find the kids playing nicely together in their playroom and Liliana tells me, "You were sleeping and I knew you were too tired so we didn't want to wake you up." ~When David surprises me after a tiring day with a bathtub full of warm bubbly water, dimmed lights, music, and candles, and then sits nearby and reads to me or talks to me while I get to just soak and relax. ~When Emmett sees the number 3 or hears it mentioned, he excitedly cries out, "Three - like three my old!"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Edison at 6 months

Edison recently had his 6 month checkup and here are his stats Height: 29 inches - 98th percentile Weight: 21 lbs 13 oz - 95th percentile Edison is quite mobile now, though you really cannot say he is officially crawling. He rolls all over and has discovered that when things are in front of you, rolling doesn't really get you within reach. His solution? Roll partway onto a shoulder, pinning one arm beneath him and shove forward with his feet while reaching for the desired item with his free arm. In the past few days, however, he has begun to realize that his arms can actually be helpful in reaching his destination. He is beginning to pin them down less often and sometimes enlists their assistance in dragging himself forward. Look out, house! Here comes trouble!

Identifying trees

While taking a walk last summer, Liliana asked me why some trees had leaves and some had "little green sticky-kinda things" (or something to that affect). This led us to a discussion about deciduous and evergreen plants. I told her that to help me remember which were deciduous, I had recognized the word contained another word -decide- that helped me remember that the trees decide to let go of their leaves or grow them back, depending on the season. She successfully identified which type of tree or bush each was as we continued on our walk. Some time later, while visiting with Grandma Mary, the topic arose again. When asked what type of tree did not lose its foliage, Liliana said, "Evergreen." When asked what type of tree drops its leaves in the Fall, she hmmmm'd for a moment and then said emphatically, "Chooseable!" Apparently my tip for remembering that deciduous trees decide when to lose their leaves had stuck, but was recalled under a more familiar term!