Saturday, March 2, 2013

Identifying trees

While taking a walk last summer, Liliana asked me why some trees had leaves and some had "little green sticky-kinda things" (or something to that affect). This led us to a discussion about deciduous and evergreen plants. I told her that to help me remember which were deciduous, I had recognized the word contained another word -decide- that helped me remember that the trees decide to let go of their leaves or grow them back, depending on the season. She successfully identified which type of tree or bush each was as we continued on our walk. Some time later, while visiting with Grandma Mary, the topic arose again. When asked what type of tree did not lose its foliage, Liliana said, "Evergreen." When asked what type of tree drops its leaves in the Fall, she hmmmm'd for a moment and then said emphatically, "Chooseable!" Apparently my tip for remembering that deciduous trees decide when to lose their leaves had stuck, but was recalled under a more familiar term!

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