Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Edison's new chompers

Edison didn't start getting teeth until he was 9 months olds. Between 9 months and about 11 months he popped through his two bottom center teeth and the four center top teeth. Those 6 teeth remained his only real chewing power until Edison turned 16 months old and began cutting a molar. Up until this point he would look like he was pursing his lips every time he chewed because he would have to hold his food right in the front of his mouth in order to chew it. Last week, as Edison hit 17 months of age, he popped through another lower center tooth and a molar on the other side. His gums must be pretty sore because although Edison is not a finger sucker, he has spent much of the past couple of days with his fingers in his mouth, gnawing on them and drooling like crazy. Poor baby. I hope he feels better soon.