Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On the Move

Liliana is really moving now! She isn't quite crawling - but just about. She has been moving herself along the floor for a few weeks now by getting on her hands and toes (like a push-up) and pushing herself forward. Just this past week she has begun to get up on her knees more and more. Once on her knees, Liliana rocks forward and backward and then eventually goes back to the toe-push deal. I think she just hasn't quite figured out how to slide one leg forward at a time yet. Friday, June 27th Liliana scooted clear across the living room floor in pursuit of a ball that kept rolling away from her whenever she reached out to grab it.

From Saturday, June 28th until Sunday, July 6th, we were down in Seaside, Oregon for our fourth of July family vacation. Grandma and Grandpa Thompson, my mom, David's parents, my sister Sylvie and her husband and son, and my uncle Steven and his family were all there. Liliana got to dip her feet in the ocean for the first time and wiggled her toes in the sand. She seemed to really enjoy the beach. On the fourth, we watched fireworks from the hotel room where David's parents were staying right down on the beach. Liliana was very fascinated by the lights and kept cooing, jabbering, and blowing raspberries as she watched.

Wednesday, July 2nd, I noticed something white just barely poking up through Liliana's lower gums and I suspected that she might have a tooth coming in. However, it was dark in our tent and Liliana wasn't cooperating to let me get a good look so David and I weren't able to confirm that she was cutting a tooth until the morning. I can't believe she's already teething! I thought I still had another month or two, at least. She has already bitten me twice while feeding now and David once when he stuck his finger in her mouth.

We had a wonderful time on our little trip and were glad to be able to enjoy good weather for the majority of our trip (though it did rain our last day there). I'll get our vacation pictures posted right away so you can check out Liliana's first real beach trip.