Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 weeks and counting

Liliana is now five weeks old. Over the past 3 weeks she has really grown and changed a lot. She started really smiling at us just before she was four weeks old. She had smiled before, but it was more reflexive than an actual social response. When she did give me that first gummy grin that I could tell was meant to be a smile, it was obvious that she was interacting with me. Now she smiles frequently throughout the day. Liliana is also becoming much more social verbally. She coos and makes sweet little baby noises almost as if she's holding a conversation and responding to whomever she is "talking" to. It is fun to be part of the chatter or to watch her "talk" to someone else.

My older sister, Renee, and her son, Kaden, were here visiting for about three weeks from Utah. They were able to see some of the exciting developments in Liliana's early weeks. It was so fun to have them here and it was sad to see them leave last Tuesday. Renee will be having her second baby in mid-March. That will be cousin number three for Liliana - all of which are boys!

Last Saturday, at her five week mark, Liliana was lying on her stomach on the floor and she was seriously trying to roll over! I know it doesn't sound possible, but David and I watched her push herself from her stomach up onto her side, all by herself. We couldn't believe our eyes. It would seem that she is in a hurry to grow up and get moving - which is inconvenient since I would like her to stay a little tiny baby for a long time.

Liliana has outgrown some of her newborn outfits and when David first started putting her into the three month sized clothes last week, they looked way too big on her. But now, only a week and a half later, they are fitting her quite nicely. We can't get over how quickly she's filling out and stretching longer and longer.

Yesterday I took Liliana for a nice little walk to enjoy the weather. Her aunts, Sylvie and Nicole, came with us and brought Liliana's cousin, Mason. We walked up to Fred Myers because they were having a great sale and we loaded up on baby clothes and a few things for the mommies and auntie.

Last night David and I took Liliana to visit some friends for dinner and to meet their little baby that was born a couple of weeks ago. We laid the babies on the floor and they were checking each other out (as much as babies that age can) and "holding" each others' hands when they happened to grab each others' fists. Liliana looked quite big next to that two week old.

David is going to bless Liliana this Sunday at church. We look forward to sharing this special occasion with friends and family.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Two weeks and two days

I can't believe that my baby is already two weeks old. It still seems surreal that David and I are parents, but at the same time it seems like Liliana has been part of our family forever and it wouldn't be complete without her. I suppose that doesn't really make sense from the way I worded it, but I imagine that all you parents know exactly what I'm talking about.

Last Tuesday Liliana had a check-up with her pediatrician, Dr. Christopher. He said, "She's a 10 out of 10, perfect, beautiful baby!" They weighed her and she was 8 pounds 6 ounces - up nearly a pound since she was born. I guess she must be eating well. I thought she was filling out around her cheeks (both sets).

My sister, Renee, her son, Kaden, and my father flew into town from Utah last week and have been a great support and a joy to have staying with us. My dad was only able to stay until Thursday, but he'll be back this week if everything works out. My mother came back to town from Utah on Friday and is staying until tomorrow afternoon. We're all hoping that my sister, Sylvie, will have her baby while my mother is still in town. Sylvie is now a week past her due date and she's quite ready to have her baby and be done with this pregnancy.

Liliana is becoming more alert and attentive every day. She has a strong little neck that she uses to lift her head and look all around. Her eyes are blue-gray (like her daddy's) and bright as can be when she's checking out the people and things around her. This morning my nephew, Kaden, was sitting near her while she was lying on a blanket on the floor. She kept craning her neck and twisting her little body to look at Kaden while he was chattering loudly and lively. I was impressed by her ability to follow the sound and watch my nephew.

Today David is starting his new position at Paccar. So, in order to make sure her daddy was well prepared for his training today, Liliana had an extra fussy and cranky time last night and kept David from getting a good night's rest. While I don't want to see time fly by, I am looking forward to reaching the six weeks of age point, when the pediatrician says evening fussiness declines and the baby will likely sleep for about 6 hours straight at night. Liliana sleeps great during the day, but she wants to be awake and gets fussy/cranky between about 10pm and 1am. I'm sure we'll get that day-night confusion straightened out sooner or later - but in the meantime I'll have to keep taking naps with Liliana during the day.

Liliana made her debut at church yesterday. It was fun to see everyone's reaction to her. She pretty much slept the entire time we were there. David will be blessing her during next month's fast Sunday meeting.