Monday, July 25, 2011

So Silly

Emmett is full of fun little phrases now: So silly. I see you. Where Daddy go? Wuv you. I want water, please. Night night. Where Yaya (Liliana)? Wuss Da (what's that -while pointing at anything and everything)? Dass chair (or other item while pointing to pictures in books)... and several other.

David took Liliana to the restroom at church and then came snickering into sacrament meeting with her. The meeting was starting so I had to wait to find out what little joke he was enjoying. It turns out that when Liliana got to the restroom doors, she pointed at the picture on the women's bathroom door and said, "That's the girls' bathroom." Then she pointed at the picture on the men's bathroom door as David took her in and said, "That's the naked girls' bathroom." I got a good laugh out of that and could definitely see a 3 year old looking at those pictures and seeing one as a girl in a dress and the other as a girl in no dress - especially since she, as a girl, was going into that bathroom.

We went camping in Seaside, Oregon for the Fourth of July. David and I slept in our tent with Emmett. Liliana got to sleep in the cabin/trailer with her Grandma and Grandpa Hernandez. One morning Emmett woke up early and we were keeping him entertained in the tent so that Liliana could continue sleeping in the trailer. It was nearing the end of our week of camping and David hadn't shaved all week, so he had a somewhat fuzzy chin. Emmett grabbed a dryer sheet (which had been stuck to some of the clean clothes in our bag and which he though was a Kleenex or wipey) and crawled up on David's chest (he was still lying in his sleeping bag) and began to attempt to wipe the hairs off David's chin. After a good minute of solid effort, Emmett gave up and found something else to do, but David and I were still chuckling.

The kids had a lot of fun at Seaside. We went swimming, played at the beach, watched fireworks, rode the carousel, rode the mini train, took several bike rides, checked out the shopping center, watched the parade, and visited with their cousins, aunties, and uncles. On the way home - right as we were pulling into our neighborhood - Liliana said, "I want to go back to Seaside now and play in the sand." I believe we can ascertain from that comment that the trip was a success!

This past week we had to say goodbye to my sister, Sylvie, and her family. They moved out of state for school and Liliana is sad that her best buddy, Mason, is no longer a convenient distance from us. I hope they make their way back to the Seattle area sometime in the future so we can all be close to each other again.

On Sunday we attended a celebration dinner in honor of my cousin, Natasha, and her husband Derek. They were sealed in the Seattle temple on Saturday. Liliana and Emmett found older distant cousins to entertain them and Liliana and Emmett had a blast monopolizing their time and attentions. My kids also had their first experience on a giant trampoline at that dinner party. It was so cute to watch Emmett trying to jump up and down with his little chubby legs while reaching both arms way up into the air. I don't think he realized that his feet were barely clearing the jumping surface, despite all the energy he appeared to be exuding in an attempt to get some air.

I've got to run - my kids are ready for more fun and I don't want to miss it!