Sunday, June 29, 2014

Edison's first complete prayer

We have tried to help Edison say prayers several times before, but he usually just says, "no" and that is that. Tonight Edison actually repeated the words of our family prayer at bedtime. All was going well until David said, "We thank..."
Edison repeated, "We thank..."
David: "thee..."
Edison: "thee..."
David: "for..."
Edison: "five..."
Laughter ensued -especially from Liliana and Emmett - and it took awhile to get everyone calmed down, but he did manage to complete the prayer. It was a sweet and silly moment.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Liliana's dance recital and Emmett's thoughts about it

On Saturday, Liliana had her first dance recital. She performed a tap number with the girls from her pre-ballet/tap class, combined with another class. The girls had so much fun, and I was able to be with them backstage as a parent volunteer and see how excited they were.
Earlier that day, Emmett asked why he wasn't going to the recital. I explained that we thought he'd get bored, so we arranged for a babysitter to watch both Emmett and Edison during the recital. Emmett told me, "Next year I will do a recital and nobody can come." I guess he was a little jealous, but when we got home, he admitted he had a lot of fun with Tori (the babysitter) and said everyone can come to his recital next year, except Liliana.