Friday, December 31, 2010

Candy Canes & Pixie Dust

After Sunday dinner, Great-Grandma Thompson gave Liliana and Emmett each a candy cane. Liliana asked if she could hold them in the car on the ride home and promised that she wouldn't open them. However, halfway home we heard the rustling of wrappers and discovered Liliana had broken one of the candy canes in half and had begun to suck on one end. I took the candy canes away from her and told her it was too bad that she had broken hers because now it wouldn't hang on the tree. She responded instantaneously with, "I broke Emmett's candy cane. The good one is mine's." (Yes, she adds a possessive 's' to the word mine) David and I both started to laugh out loud. We couldn't believe she was being such a sneaky little thing! Emmett's candy cane made it to the Christmas tree and we explained to Liliana that we don't give people items that we break. She eventually accepted that the broken candy cane was hers.
Emmett has two more teeth coming in on top now. Before he had the four teeth in the middle on both top and bottom, a gap on top and bottom, and then two molars on top and two more on the bottom. Now the gaps on top are beginning to fill in. He has such a mouth full of chompers now!
Emmett is continuing his climbing fetish. A couple of days ago I heard Liliana and Emmett laughing hysterically in her bedroom. Naturally, I hurried in to investigate, knowing that something naughty was likely in the works. Upon entering the room, I saw Emmett standing on top of Liliana's little red table, pulling on the cord of her ceiling lamp - shaking it back and forth - and cracking up. I pulled him off the table, which upset him terribly. He immediately started to climb back up on the kid chairs and then onto the table. I had to take the chairs out of Liliana's room. Even then, Emmett was standing with his hands on the table and was attempting to get his leg up as well.
Liliana's Grandpa Hernandez gave her a Tinker Bell ornament for the Christmas tree when we met up with them in Leavenworth last week. Liliana asked us to open it so she could hold it and check it out. She noticed that some of the glitter got on her fingers as we put the ornament back in its case for safe transport. She rubbed her fingers together, trying to remove the glitter, and said, "That's ok, it's just pixie dust." It was so sweet.
Emmett received a little wooden duck with a long handle to push it around. His Grandma Cindy and Auntie Renee made it for him for Christmas. He loves to hold it just off the ground and walk around in his wobbly way, carrying it wherever he goes - even dragging it up and down the stairs. It's a lot of fun to watch his penguin-like strut!
2010 has been a year of great joy. I cannot believe how quickly it has come and gone. It is bittersweet to watch my kids growing and changing so much. I know 2011 will be full of many more exciting and fun-filled days. What a blessing it is to be a mommy and to have two of the most precious babies in the world. I am grateful for David and his willingness to work hard for our family so I can be home to care for our sweet children. I thank Heavenly Father for the countless blessings and opportunities He has provided and continues to provide to our happy little family.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday I was playing with the kids downstairs and needed to take a little bathroom break. Emmett, who usually follows me wherever I go, decided to continue playing piano with his sister instead of coming with me. While I was indisposed, I heard the kids happily banging on the keys for a short time, and then I heard the sound of items falling down and Emmett getting upset. I called out to Emmett to come on over to me, but still just heard him crying in the other room. Liliana came and handed me a picture in its frame from off the top of the piano and said, "Emmett broke this." The stand had popped off and I guessed that Emmett had reached up and started pulling things off the piano. I hurried out to see what was going on and found Emmett sitting ON TOP of the piano - crying because he was unable to get down. I was so shocked to see he had climbed up there. I didn't even know he could do that!
I suppose I should have realized he was likely to get into further trouble after what had happened the day before. Emmett had followed Liliana into her room and was playing with her in there - like he frequently does. After only a couple of minutes in there, he started making a fussy sound so I went to see what was going on - assuming that Liliana was taking toys from him or teasing him in some other way. Well, she was sort of teasing him... Emmett has previously attempted to climb the ladder to Liliana's top bunk, so I have started taking the ladder off when I know he's going to be playing in there. I had laid the ladder on the lower bunk, because I had been changing the bedding on the top bunk. Well, Liliana had slid one end of the ladder off the bed, onto the floor and then climbed up to the top bunk via her "sneaky" way on the end of the beds using the headboards. Emmett, seeing Liliana on the top bunk, decided he wanted to get up there too and climbed up the ladder she had put down for him. That got him onto the lower bed and then he somehow had stood up and grabbed the side rail of the top bed and when I came to check on him he was pretty much dangling from the top bunk with only his feet touching the lower bed. He was upset because if he let go, he'd probably fall onto the ladder and then to the floor and he was scared. I rushed in when I saw him, grabbed him, and put the ladder back on the top bunk. I asked Liliana not to climb up on the bunk bed when he's around because it just makes him want to get up there. We'll see if she cooperates. My crazy little stunt-kids definitely keep me on my toes!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giving Thanks in California...with Goldilocks

We just got home from our trip to California. We celebrated Thanksgiving a day late with the Jovet side of the family at Grandpa and Grandma Jovet's house. It was one of the best Thanksgivings I've had yet. While in CA, I got to go with David and Liliana for their first trip to Disneyland. Emmett stayed home with Grandpa Jovet and the great-grandparents so he could have his naps and regular bed time. Liliana loved seeing all the Disney characters - especially the princesses - and had a good time on the rides (though she found some to be a little scary). She especially loved Toon Town and visiting with Tinker Bell. David had a really good time trying out the rides and seeing all the fun things to do. Sleeping Beauty's Castle was all lit up for Christmas and we all thought it looked amazing.

After the first couple of nights in CA, my sister and her family, my brother and his wife, and my mother all headed back to Utah. We re-arranged where we were sleeping since now there was more room to space people out. Liliana was moved to a cot in the same room with my dad. When I tucked Liliana in for the night, she pointed to my dad's bed and said, "I want to sleep there." I explained that that was Grandpa's bed. She responded with, "Actually, it's my bed." I was able to convince her to go to sleep in the cot that night, though, and thought nothing more of it. A few nights later, my dad went to head for bed and came back out chuckling. He said someone had been sleeping in his bed and was still there! We laughed quietly as we moved her back to her cot. The next night she did it again - and took my dad's pillow with her when she moved back to the cot! That's our little Goldilocks :)

One afternoon in CA Liliana and I took a walk to meet up with David and Emmett at a mall near my Grandparents' house. As we got to the sidewalk just outside the mall, Liliana asked me to pick her up. "Carry me, mommy, so the cars won't die us," she said. I told her we would be safe on the sidewalk, but she wanted to be carried, and was sticking with her reason for the necessity of it. I guess this is what I get for telling her that she has to hold my hand in parking lots so that cars won't squish her.

Emmett had his one year check-up just before we headed out of town. He weighs nearly 28 pounds and is almost 32 inches tall. Big boy! Liliana came with us to Emmett's check-up and she cried when the doctor came in the room and literally climbed up on the chair behind me to hide from him -- even though she wasn't even the one being seen! I still don't really understand why she's so freaked out by the doctor when he's not even the one who administers the vaccines...

Monday, November 22nd Emmett decided to take 9 steps in a row in the waiting room at the dentist's office. Poor David was back getting his teeth checked, so he missed it. Since then, Emmett continues to take a handful of steps here and there, but still prefers to hold someone's hand while walking. Yesterday he took 14 steps in a row - the most consecutive unassisted steps he's taken so far. My baby is definitely entering toddlerhood.

A little while ago I took the kids to the mall so they could play somewhere besides the house (they seemed to be getting a little cabin fever after being stuck at home as a result of all the lousy weather we'd been having). We arrived early - before the shops were open - and just walked around for awhile to get some exercise. Liliana started running ahead of me, saying, "Don't get me!" and looking over her shoulder with an excited grin. Of course I understood that she wanted me to chase her, and "ran" after her with Emmett in the stroller. She squealed happily as we hurried up and down the corridor.