Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday I was playing with the kids downstairs and needed to take a little bathroom break. Emmett, who usually follows me wherever I go, decided to continue playing piano with his sister instead of coming with me. While I was indisposed, I heard the kids happily banging on the keys for a short time, and then I heard the sound of items falling down and Emmett getting upset. I called out to Emmett to come on over to me, but still just heard him crying in the other room. Liliana came and handed me a picture in its frame from off the top of the piano and said, "Emmett broke this." The stand had popped off and I guessed that Emmett had reached up and started pulling things off the piano. I hurried out to see what was going on and found Emmett sitting ON TOP of the piano - crying because he was unable to get down. I was so shocked to see he had climbed up there. I didn't even know he could do that!
I suppose I should have realized he was likely to get into further trouble after what had happened the day before. Emmett had followed Liliana into her room and was playing with her in there - like he frequently does. After only a couple of minutes in there, he started making a fussy sound so I went to see what was going on - assuming that Liliana was taking toys from him or teasing him in some other way. Well, she was sort of teasing him... Emmett has previously attempted to climb the ladder to Liliana's top bunk, so I have started taking the ladder off when I know he's going to be playing in there. I had laid the ladder on the lower bunk, because I had been changing the bedding on the top bunk. Well, Liliana had slid one end of the ladder off the bed, onto the floor and then climbed up to the top bunk via her "sneaky" way on the end of the beds using the headboards. Emmett, seeing Liliana on the top bunk, decided he wanted to get up there too and climbed up the ladder she had put down for him. That got him onto the lower bed and then he somehow had stood up and grabbed the side rail of the top bed and when I came to check on him he was pretty much dangling from the top bunk with only his feet touching the lower bed. He was upset because if he let go, he'd probably fall onto the ladder and then to the floor and he was scared. I rushed in when I saw him, grabbed him, and put the ladder back on the top bunk. I asked Liliana not to climb up on the bunk bed when he's around because it just makes him want to get up there. We'll see if she cooperates. My crazy little stunt-kids definitely keep me on my toes!

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