Sunday, August 14, 2016

Liliana's baptism

A couple years ago, Liliana and her 2 cousins (that were all born within a couple months of each other) decided they wanted to be baptized together in what they titled, "A triple baptism." We all liked the idea and even though one of the cousins lives in Utah and the other lives in Connecticut, we decided we wanted to make it happen. Last weekend was the big event. Liliana, Mason, and Daxton all got baptized by their fathers back-to-back in a wonderful "triple baptism." We were blessed to have many wonderful friends (both old and new) and family members come from near and far to show their support for these young folks and their decision to follow the Savior and live Christ-centered lives. It was a spectacular day.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Discussing Marshmallow Cereal

Emmett speaking to his cousin during breakfast: Good?
Elliott nods in response while chewing.
Emmett: Yeah, it's sooooo good! You can't even believe your mouth!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Liliana's future home

Last week Liliana's class went on a field trip to a park near her school to collect soil samples for science. When she got home I asked her about the field trip. She told me it was good and she liked seeing the park because she might like to live there when she grows up. I asked her for clarification and she told me she wants to live in the wild instead of a house so she won't have to have a job and can do whatever she wants. I asked her how she'll get money for food and she said she'll just hunt. I pointed out that it might be hard for an animal lover to hunt, but she basically said, "I need to eat." So there you have it. If 10 years from now you see a young woman living in the park with stacks of books and hunting squirrels and crows, don't judge her parents too harshly. They tried to raise her to be a successful contributing member of society.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Strange conclusion

On the way to church a couple weeks ago, the kids were getting a bit cantankerous. I decided to try to soften the mood by singing the primary song, "I'm trying to be like Jesus." As I finished that first phrase of the song, Liliana somewhat rudely said, "No thanks!" To which Emmett responded, "You don't love your family?" David and I just laughed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A dose of sunshine

Setting: A sunny, yet not-so-warm early spring day after many not-so-sunny days.
Mommy: "Edison, why are you sitting in the middle of the driveway? I asked you to get in the car. Everyone is buckled and waiting for you."
Edison, an adorable 3 year old is sitting with his legs stretched out in front of him, leaning back on his hands, which are placed on the ground behind him. His face is toward the sunlight, but he turns it back towards mommy to respond: "I'm sunralizing." And he turns his face back toward the sun.

Whoops- Here's Solomon's birth announcement... the week before he turns 1.

So I guess I'm a terrible mother because I never did get around to posting that our clan had a new member added to its ranks... almost a year ago. Solomon James Hernandez was born April 7, 2015 at 10:30am. He weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long. His was the fastest labor of our 4 and the only that didn't require pitocin to complete. He's so loved by his big out sister and brothers. He has brought so much joy to our family. Solomon, it may have taken me a long time to get your birth mentioned on here, but that's because we've been so busy loving and enjoying you, we haven't had much time to spare!