Monday, March 25, 2013

Emmett's Incredible Disappearing Act

I awoke to screams and sobs coming from the kids' room around 2:30 this morning and flew out of bed to the rescue. When I got into the room, Liliana was wailing, "I looked everywhere and I can't find Emmett in our room!" I knew exactly what had happened as soon as she said it. I had come in to check on the kids before I had gone to bed and saw that Liliana had gone to sleep on the bottom of Emmett's bed and Emmett was laying very close to the edge of his bed. I had rolled him gently back to the middle of his bed and placed an extra blanket in a soft pile next to his bed just in case he rolled back. (*He has fallen out of bed before. That first time did it, he had fallen back asleep trying to climb back I to bed and by the time I arrived on the scene, he was sleeping with his feet on the floor and his top half on the bed.) This time I started to chuckle as I looked around the dark room and saw how Liliana could become quite panicked in the dark. Both beds were bare -Liliana's, having been stripped when she hauled her bedding over to the foot of Emmett's bed, and Emmett's bed, having lost both sets of bedding when he rolled off into the awaiting blanket and when Liliana jumped up searching for him. I showed Liliana where Emmett was and explained what had happened and helped her get calm and settled back into bed. I then carefully picked Emmett up and put him back to bed. He managed to sleep through the entire event and had no idea what we were talking about when Liliana and I were discussing the episode this morning! I wish I slept that soundly. 😉

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