Saturday, March 23, 2013

Things they do that I love

~Emmett's response when daddy gives him a playful spank on the bum - "Don't hit some people!" ~When Liliana thinks something is very funny, she starts laughing uncontrollably and keeps going until she is red in the face and has tears rolling down her cheeks. ~Edison loves his big brother and sister and laughs at just about everything they do. ~Edison will be playing with toys on the floor and rolling around, but if he makes eye contact and realizes someone is watching him, a huge smile dreads across his face that brightens his entire countenance. ~Sometimes Emmett and I will banter in a fun way. For example, he might make a comment like, "That is too silly." I respond with, "YOU'RE too silly." and he will say, "No. YOU'RE too silly." and we go back and forth over and over until he is laughing too much to keep it up. ~Some mornings I wake up to find the kids playing nicely together in their playroom and Liliana tells me, "You were sleeping and I knew you were too tired so we didn't want to wake you up." ~When David surprises me after a tiring day with a bathtub full of warm bubbly water, dimmed lights, music, and candles, and then sits nearby and reads to me or talks to me while I get to just soak and relax. ~When Emmett sees the number 3 or hears it mentioned, he excitedly cries out, "Three - like three my old!"

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