Monday, August 11, 2008

Babies Galore!

The past few weeks have been fun and full of excitement. My older sister, Renee, came up to visit from Utah with her family. Her husband, Larry, had to head home after a week, but Renee and the boys (Kaden - 3 yrs and Daxton - 4.5 mos) were able to stay for about 3 weeks! It was such a blast to have all the baby cousins together. David and I hadn't been able to meet Daxton until their visit, so we were exceptionally excited to have them come. My other sister (Sylvie) brought her son (Mason - 6 mos) over as well and we just let all the babies check each other out, lick each others' heads, and steal toys from one another. It was so fun to watch them interact.

We had some pictures done with all four of the cousins together and they came out really cute. I'll get them scanned in and posted so you can check them out from our family website.

Liliana is over six and a half months old now. Can you believe it? Her second tooth started coming in about two or three weeks ago and has caught up to the first one, so she's got a cute little chipmunk thing going on now. She's also eating some solid foods - although I don't know if eating is the correct term. What I mean is that even though she does eat some of the solids I giver her, she also enjoys blowing raspberries while her mouth is full and splattering herself, the kitchen, and me with sticky food. I think I'm going to have to go buy myself a rain poncho to use during feedings.

Liliana still isn't officially crawling, but she can get all over the house with her push-up/scoot thingy that she does. I guess she figures that since this is working to get her around, she shouldn't bother changing her methods.

I am preparing to go back to school in September to finish my Early Childhood Education Practicum and my Elementary Ed. Student Teaching. While I'm not looking forward to being away from my baby for 8+ hours a day for the next two quarters, I am excited about the prospect of completing my degree. I am also aware that if I don't complete my degree now, it is only going to get harder to do as Liliana gets older and wants more mommy-time and as David and I have more children (God willing). So, with help from David's dad and some good friends who have offered to watch Liliana while I'm at school and David's at work, I should be able to finish my degree/certification by March. Please keep me in your prayers that I'll be able to balance all the homework and family responsibilities without going crazy or neglecting my baby.

I sure love being a mom and am enjoying the excitement of watching Liliana grow and progress day by day. It is amazing to think how much she has learned and developed in such a short time. It is true that "time moves on wings of lightning" and I just hope I am able to make the most of the time I have been allotted to care for, love, and raise my baby.


Heather and Ben said...

I can hardly believe she is over six and a half months. Where does the time go!!
I'm so excited for you that you will be done with school by March. It will be such a relief to have it over with.
You'll be in our prayers.
Love ya!

Becca said...

You need prayers? You won't have to ask me more than once! I say a prayer of gratitude every time I think about you. Everything will work out. The Lord will watch over you. I hope I can see you again soon before too much time goes by.

Cherine said...

I want to see pictures of Liliana! So can you hop on that, thanks =)
Exciting you'll finish your degree. Ya that will be me oh in ten years I suppose! Everything will work out amazing watch!!!