Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let Laughter Fill the Air

I can't believe that I forgot to write about Liliana's first laughs. A few days before her last check-up (March 25th, or so), David was changing Liliana's diaper and making faces and noises at her. She gave him her first real laugh and it just melted his heart. A day or two later I was blowing raspberries at Liliana and she started cracking up. We caught some of it on video, which can be viewed from our home page. Since she started laughing, we have had the joy of hearing her beautiful giggles - even over the silliest little things. She was cracking up the other day just because David was nodding his head at her. She laughed the other day when I answered the phone (apparently I sounded funny). Sometimes she'll crack up if I pretend to sneeze and other times she seems to be laughing for now apparent reason. It is so fun to hear her laugh!

Last week Liliana started attempting to reach for things. She has some little plastic rings that I sometimes hold over her when she's lying on her back and now she manages to get her hands over to them and pinch a few fingers around them. When she sits in her bumbo seat, we'll put some of the rings on her tray and she goes to town trying to grab at them (in her uncoordinated manner) and often manages to toss them off the tray. I had her sitting in her bumbo in front of me on the table while I was eating breakfast the other day and she kept reaching down and knocking over my cup (I'm not sure if she was trying to pick it up, but all she managed to do was tip it over a number of times). She is still working on getting her hands to go where she wants them when she wants them to, but she is definitely progressing. I can't believe how fast she is learning and growing!

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