Saturday, January 19, 2008

Labor Progress notes

Friday 18-Jan-2008
3:30pm Appointment - Found out that the ambiotic fluid levels where a little low, Dr. decided to send us directly to the Birth Center to be induced.
5:00pm - Checked in the birth center and was put in the triage section.
5:30pm - David left to buy the parts needed to repair the shower, thus turning back on the water in the house. He also picked up the last few things from the house.
5:45pm - Janine was placed in room 2303 for the duration.
9:00pm - Dr. and Nurse
10:00 pm - Called parents and find out that they had already arrived and that dad had repaired the shower. We invited them to the hospital on the condition that they bring us dinner.
12:00am - Settled down to sleep
3:30am - Nurse "Mo" came in to adjust the EFT to pick up the baby's heart rate better. Janine was feeling stronger contractions and cramping.
4:00am - An IV was placed
4:45am - Dr. Moore checked on Janine, determined that she was dialated to 3cm and decided to postpone the administration of Petocin.
7:00am - Dialated to 4cm, 80% effaced
9:45am - Dr. Letinski arrived and checked Janine. She was dialated to about 5cm and about 85% effaced.
10:30am - Dr. Lentinsky evaluated Janine's progress and decided to start a petocin drip (1 mL /hr.
11:00am - Petocin drip increased to 2mL /Hr
11:40am - Janine climbed into the tub to try and relax.
1:15pm - Dialated to 6cm. Small dosage of morphine administered. Janine was able to sleep between contractions.

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