Friday, May 16, 2008

Sleep: More or Less

Liliana slept for over 8 hours straight the other night, and as soon as I told people about it, she began waking up every 2-3 hours again. I feel like every time we take a step forward, we have to take a few back, too. I guess part of her sleep issue may be blamed on David and I. We had been doing really well at getting her to bed at a consistent time for quite awhile, but this past week we've had so much going on that her naps and bedtime have been thrown off track. It would appear that the inconsistency is wearing on Liliana and preventing her from sleeping well, falling asleep when she normally would, and staying asleep for a full nap or full night's sleep. We're going to be extra vigilant now to make sure her naps and bed time are brought back to a consistent schedule that ensures she'll get enough rest. When she's well rested, she is a very calm, happy baby, but this past week has had her a little less patient, a little more cranky, and a little less cheerful. Shame on mommy and daddy!

I've noticed that Liliana has been really intent on watching her hands lately. Just the other day I was lying on the bed feeding her, and she reached up and grabbed my shirt sleeve with her arm. She immediately became distracted from eating and began examining her fingers as she opened and closed them around the fabric of my sleeve. She watched carefully as she moved her hands back and forth and attempted to pull the sleeve toward her mouth. Today she was lying on her back and just looking at her hands as she opened and closed them and moved her hands back and forth. It is so amazing to watch her discover things she can do. I can almost see her realizing that she is controlling the movements she sees and then trying to move her hands and fingers in different ways. She is incredible and I just love her soooooo much!

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Crystal said...

I loved reading about her hands and interest in their function.
You should really turn your blog into a book or something to preserve these sweet memories!
Try out or something.