Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love me, Stranger

At church on Sunday David and I were sitting in the back row of the chapel and Liliana was crawling around on the floor and playing with some quiet toys. A brother in the ward that Liliana has only really seen once before entered the chapel and she immediately lifted her arms up and smiled at him to pick her up. David and I both had to fight back the laughter because she has never done that to strangers before and she really doesn't even raise her arms for us to pick her up either. The brother bent right over and picked her up and she seemed very happy to be held by him. Babies are so funny!

In this picture Liliana is wearing a dress that my dad brought back for her from Hong Kong. She looked so cute in it!


Cherine said...

She is so cute! I love that dress!!!

Heather and Ben said...

That dress is so cute! She looks adorable in it.

Tevis and Katie said...

Cute pic!! Liliana looks like a porcelain doll.