Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Emmett has begun combining words into short phrases recently. A couple weeks back we dropped David off to catch his Microsoft Connector bus to work. As he got on the bus, Emmett cried a little and I tried to talk to him to calm him down. I told him daddy would be back later after he went to work. As we drove out of the parking lot, Emmett said, "No Daddy. [a bunch of gibberish here] Go wer." He accurately expressed that daddy was not there and that he had gone to work! I'm not sure what his other unintelligible comments were on the matter, but he had successfully put together a complete thought in words. A few mornings ago Emmett came into our room and picked up a cup off the nightstand while saying, "Drink water." I can't think of the other examples I wanted to share now, but it is fun hearing my little guy express himself more and more with words. Each time he does it, he seems less and less like a baby, though. Bittersweet!

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