Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Rainbow Moment

We were at Great-Grandma Thompson's house for dinner on Sunday and Liliana needed to go potty. I sent her down the hall to the bathroom, but she popped her head back out just a few moments later and said, "Mommy can you come help me?" I went down the hall and followed Liliana into the bathroom. She pointed at the toilet - which had a large elevated seat on it with handles because Grandma had surgery on her heel recently and this made it so she didn't have to get down too low or get back up from the low toilet seat. Liliana stood staring at the toilet seat and as she pointed to it, asked, "What does it mean?" I laughed heartily before explaining that it was just a temporary potty seat to make it easier for Grandma to go potty while she was healing from her foot surgery. I told Liliana that it was kind of like the little potty seat she used (and occasionally still uses) to make it easier for her to use the grown up potty. She wanted to try it, rather than have me remove it, so I let her. I thought her little bum was going to sink clear down inside it and she'd be stuck up to her armpits, but she managed to balance and make it work. She came running out of the bathroom ready to tell everyone else about the big funny seat and I chuckled as I shared her "double-rainbow" reaction. What a funny girl!

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