Monday, September 22, 2008

Stand Up, Sit Down, Wiggle All Around

Liliana is now 8 months old! She has been officially crawling for over a month now and is very fast. She can also pull herself up on just about anything: tables, chairs, people's legs, walls, large toys, etc). I've had to move everything up a shelf or two. Liliana has also figured out how to open drawers and cabinets, so we've had to latch the cabinets that we really don't want her to get into, and I just have to keep her from taking everything out of the other ones.

David and I just returned home last night from a trip to Spokane, WA and Post Falls, ID. David was attending a business conference in Spokane on Thursday and Friday and we stayed at a beautiful hotel called Davenport Tower. The original Davenport Hotel (opened in 1914, I think) is kitty-corner across the street from the Tower and that is where the conference was held. The Davenport has been beautifully restored and it is full of amazing pictures of dinners, balls, and other events that have taken place there over the past century. I took a little self-guided tour through the hotel with Liliana, though I think she was not able to appreciate the hand-carved moldings and beautiful detail work throughout the hotel. Liliana and I also took nice long walks around the Spokane Riverfront Park and I helped her get wet in the park fountain on Friday, when we were experiencing 87 plus degrees outside. Liliana was a little freaked out the first time she stuck her hand in the spray of the fountain because the water ricocheted off her hand and splashed her in the face, but she started laughing after I helped her get used to it. I took Liliana to a couple of the conference "receptions" and walked her around some of the exhibits/booths. Everyone seemed excited to talk to her and offer her all the little handouts (beach balls, a boomerang, foamy ball, light-up pens, etc.) that they were handing out. Liliana also attended the final conference dinner with David and I and made loud noises at all the quietest moments. People seemed to think it was funny and no one seemed to mind, but it was still a little embarrassing to have her calling out right when everyone had quieted in order to hear a presenter.

After the conference we went to visit David's parents and stayed with them Friday and Saturday night. Liliana was the star of the show all weekend long. One of my mission companions, previously known as Sister Zehnter, lives in the same ward as David's parents and she came over with her two little ones to visit on Saturday. It was fun to see her and watch out kiddos interact. It's strange to think how much time and life experience has gone by since we were teamed up in McAllen, TX.

I'm still working out the details with my ECE practicum. There have been a few wrinkles that have arisen (such as the center I was supposed to work at has had a hiring freeze placed on them - which includes my previously arranged position - and they didn't tell me until I went in to fill out paperwork for my class last week), and class is officially starting on Wednesday. I'm hoping and praying that things will work out because I really don't want to put this off another quarter. Keep us in your prayers that things will work out so we can get our schooling all done!

Anyway, David has updated our baby photo page on our website, so have a peek if you want to see how big Liliana is getting now ( I'll see what I can do about getting some of our million videos on there as well. Love to you all!

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Cherine said...

Hey good to hear the update. Wow your little girl is growing so fast. Hope things work out for ya!