Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Emmett's Invention

Last week while I was helping the boys fold their laundry, Emmett sat down in a huff and started whining about how much he hated folding clothes. I told him he may as well get over it, since he'll have clothes that need folding throughout his life. After a few moments of grumpy contemplation, Emmett exclaimed, "I'm going to build a robot that folds clothes for me so I never have to fold laundry again!"
To which I responded, "If you come up with a robot that folds clothes, many people would buy it from you and you'd become a very rich person."
Emmett looked at me like I was slow in the head and grouchily said, "I'm not going to sell it! I'm going to use it to fold my laundry."
"I meant you could make more than one," I replied.
"Ok. I'll make two. One for me and one for Liliana," he said - still grumpy.
I hope he does figure out how to make one someday - not because I care about him making tons of money, but because I'd love one of those machines!

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