Thursday, December 5, 2013

Things Emmett blurts out randomly

~Driving into Seattle I hear an exuberant cry from the back seat. "The Space Noodle!" I love that kid!
~While visiting David's parents in Idaho, we decided to eat at a restaurant. Rather than switch all the car seats into grandma's car, we drove separate vehicles. As we pull into the restaurant parking lot, Emmett notices his grandparents walking toward the restaurant door. "Hurry! We have to capture up Boppa!" Emmett yells out.
~Christmas music was playing in the background while I helped the kids work on a Christmas craft. "Let it snow" began to play and suddenly Emmett says, "No place to go? That is so sad." I love this kid so much! He is always listening...unless I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do. Then he becomes deaf to the world.
~David's parents came to stay over a holiday weekend. Early one morning while they were here, the kids, Grandma Mary, and myself were up and playing for awhile when Emmett noticed that Boppa was still in bed. "Boppa is the hero sleeper!" Emmett exclaimed cheerfully. Grandma said she believed Boppa was actually watching a movie in bed, so Emmett said, "Then Daddy is the hero sleeper."

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