Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Walking Talker

This past week Edison decided to graduate from the occasional step-taker to a full-blown walker. It was about time, considering he turned 15 months old a few days later. He is improving in balance and confidence every day. At 12 months, Edison began signing the words all done and food. He now signs and says the following words: food, all done, cracker, please, bye, night-night (which he also uses to mean nap, and more. Some words he says without signing are: all better, want that, love you, poopie, up, doggie, mommy, daddy, no, hi, and ball. I still think of him as my baby, but he is definitely becoming a toddler now. It is bittersweet. He brings so much joy to our family. He loves to be silly and laughs out load often. Lately he has taken to bringing me his helmet to put on him and will just wear it around for fun. So if you happen to stop by and he's wandering the house with protective head gear, it is more because he thinks it is fun than because we think he is accident prone.

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