Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome, Edison! ... and other silliness

Edison Eusevio Hernandez was born Friday, August 10th 2012 at 7:51pm at Evergreen Medical Center. He was 8 pounds 5 ounces and 21 1/4 inches long. His big brother and sister got to meet him that night at the hospital when Grandma Cindy brought them over. David's parents came to meet him that night as well. Liliana kept asking everyone to undress him and when nobody would, she announced, "The baby is a girl." The nurse, Emily, then invited Liliana to help give Edison his first bath. Once he was completely undressed, Liliana looked deflated and said, "Oh, it's a penis." in a less than enthusiastic tone. All the adults in the room had a good laugh at that. A few days before the baby was born, I was taking shower and Emmett was sitting on the side of the tub in my bathroom so he could talk to me. As I got out of the shower, Emmett said, "Mom, you did a really good job...take a shower." I laughed and said, "Thanks, kid. I'm glad you approve of my hygiene." Then as I toweled off, his face lit up as he pointed to my pregnancy-induced stretch marks and shouted, "Look! Train tracks!" - FYI: He loves trains. "Yes, Emmett. All of these are thanks to you, your sister, and baby #3." The other day Auntie Nicole was over visiting and mentioned something about her dog. Liliana told her, "We can't have a dog because mommy is electric to dogs." Nicole and I loved that! Emmett went to time out for hitting Liliana. After he was done in time out, I asked him what he had done that was naughty. He said, "Hit Lana." "That's right. Are we supposed to hit?" "No," he responded. "What do you need to do now?" I asked. "Say sorry Lana" "That's right," I said. I watched him walk into the next room to give Liliana a hug and say sorry. A moment later I heard Liliana say, "He hit me again!" Emmett came out of the room with a grumpy look on his face. I asked, "Did you hit Liliana?" "Yes." "Why?" "Lana no hug you," he said. Bahahaha! He hit her because she wouldn't let him hug her to say sorry for hitting her! Needless to say, he got to go spend a few more minutes in time out.

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