Monday, February 20, 2012

Liliana in real life

Last night David made dinner for the family. During our meal Liliana announces, "Daddy, the food you make is much more gooder than what Mommy cooks for dinner." What had he made? Homemade mac and cheese.
Then a little while later we were stretched across the bed reading scriptures with the kids and Liliana noticed that David was stroking Emmett's hair. "Here, Dad," she said as she shoved her way between the two of them. "You can rub my hair. It is much longer and prettier." Luckily Emmett is a pretty easy going kid and he just rolled over closer to me without a big struggle ensuing. However, I am certain that he is keeping mental tallies for each time she does something to him that he doesn't like and when he gets bigger than her, he is going to retaliate big time.

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