Monday, January 17, 2011

More, please. Thank you!

Saturday we celebrated Liliana's 3rd birthday. She was a little confused when I told her that she wasn't actually going to be three until Wednesday. "But I thought I was three years old at my party," she said. I explained that we were having her party on a day when more people could come and celebrate, but that her actual birthday was on the 19th, which is Wednesday. I'm not sure she fully accepted my explanation.
On Saturday Emmett started signing, "more". This morning he started saying, "thank you," in sign language. So now he can say, "More, please. Thanks!" with his chubby little hands.
Emmett also continues his climbing fetish. As I am typing this, he has climbed onto the coffee table and from there, stretched over and crossed the small gap to get onto the piano bench. This week he has learned how to climb into his high chair without assistance and makes me nervous each time he does it. He also regularly tries to follow his sister's lead and climb up the end of the bunk beds, since I took the ladder down to prevent him from constantly getting on the top bunk. I foresee a possible career in spelunking in his future.

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