Monday, August 9, 2010

Nearly there

The kitchen remodel is almost done. We installed brand new cabinets last month, had measurements taken for our counter tops, and then waited while the counters and sink were made. This morning they were installed and once David gets off work he will connect the plumbing to the new sink, put in the new faucet, and connect the dishwasher. I should have a beautiful and complete kitchen before I go to bed tonight!

In other news, Emmett has figured out how to get up the bottom step. He is hesitant to continue going up the rest of the stairs, but we definitely have to watch out because the ability to get up them is there! He is in such a hurry to move around and climb up things. He uses just about every surface to pull himself up to a standing position now. He's getting brave, too, because he'll move from holding on to one wall or piece of furniture, to grab another. I guess he's just determined to keep up with Liliana, whom he seems to think is the greatest person in existence. :)

David's new job at Microsoft is going great. He loves having his own office and access to free drinks all day long.

Liliana's aunts, uncles, and cousins are all in town for my brother's open house and Liliana is having a blast playing with everyone. Each morning she wakes up asking for an aunt, uncle, or one of her grandparents!

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