Thursday, March 18, 2010

What will she say next?

We had the wonderful opportunity to attend my brother's wedding in Utah last weekend. Joey married his sweetheart, Harmony, in the Manti temple. Now all my siblings are married! We made a mad dash down to Utah, attended the "preception" on Friday night, the wedding on Saturday, and driving back home through the night again, stopping in Tri-cities so Great-Grandma Dianne could meet Liliana and Emmett, and arriving home Sunday evening. Now that we've been home for several days, I think we're just about caught back up on sleep. The night we arrived home, Liliana saw a fly buzzing around our living room and she said, "I see a bug right there inside the house." David and I just looked at each other and shook our heads - we couldn't believe how clearly she said what she had.

The other day I walked past the nursery and saw Liliana sitting on the floor with my nursing pillow wrapped around her and her baby doll laying on top of the pillow. As I walked in, Liliana lifted her shirt and asked, "Where's my boob?" Once I got my laughter under control, I helped her figure out how to "feed" her baby.

As part of dinner last night we had corn bread muffins. Liliana asked for one and then took her spoon handle and sawed it in two pieces. She said, "I cut the muffin in half." I still don't know where she picked up "half" from. I guess we must have said it here and there in reference to things, but I can't remember any specific instances. That little girl has a good memory!

Today Liliana followed David into the garage and asked him what he was doing. He told her about what he was looking for and let her help him look. After he came upstairs and she had stayed downstairs, he noticed it got quiet. David leaned over the stair railing and asked Liliana what she was doing. She had gone back into the garage and as she walked back into the downstairs room she said, "I'm just checking." We still don't know what she thought she was checking, but it was an interesting response, none the less.

Emmett is gaining more and more control over his hands and is able to grab his toys fairly well and get them to his mouth. He laughs and smiles a lot and really enjoys watching his sister play and dance around. He still rolls over from his stomach to his back, though I think his chubbiness is making it harder because he doesn't do it as often or as quickly as he did a month or two ago. At his 4 month check-up this week, Emmett weighed in at an amazing 20lbs 10oz and is 27.5inches long. He's still off the growth charts for both height and weight! He is wearing size 9 month clothes, but will need to move up to 12 month size very soon at the rate he is growing.


Rosemary Ochs said...

I think about bringing him over all the time! Now we have a huge playroom downstairs that Liliana would love too, so you should come over too. The move and yardwork, hip pain, and babysitting my neice have really kept me from getting out much. Ricky and I talk about inviting you over all the time. I guess we're just needing things to settle a bit.

We will have you both over soon. It may have to wait until after Easter though, becuase Judah has a highly contagious virus that I wouldn't want him to share with the kiddos.

Cherine said...

Holy chubby boy. I love it! My kids are always huge like that and I am pretty sure this boy in my tummy is no exception.

Liliana and Abigail would get along. She is so chatty. It blows my mind because Michael wasn't like that. She has an attitude like I did as a teenager now (which scares me).

Fun hearing how your kids are doing!