Thursday, February 11, 2010


So a couple of days ago I was pretty tired after a rough night and running short on patience. Liliana has become aware that when I'm nursing Emmett, it's pretty hard for me to reinforce whatever I ask her to do and often won't do anything I tell her to do until I am able to get up and fulfill the consequences (like putting her in time out). Well, I had asked her to pick up her blocks and books while I was feeding Emmett and she would pick up a block or some other toy and then find something else to do with it, rather than cleaning up. I counted to three and told her to go to time out and she just said, "No." I told her to go to her room and shut the door and she walked down the hall to her room and then came back out and said, "No, I don't wanna go to the big girl room!" I began raising my voice and got a bit sharp with her. Finally, Emmett was done eating and I got up and picked Liliana up around the waist and held her over her blocks and books to get her to pick them up. She was laughing and thought this was a great game. I was still feeling rather annoyed that she had not listened and didn't do what I asked until I "made" her do it. Then she started singing a part of the song, "I am a Child of God", but not just any part...she sang, "Kind and dear. Kind and dear." Boy did I feel like a shmuck! I gave her a guilty hug and decided that unless it's an emergency or really necessary, I'll just wait until I'm not feeding or changing Emmett to ask her to do things until she's a little older and better able to follow directions without getting so easily distracted.

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Cherine said...

It is hard when they are that age sometimes! I have a little sassy pants on my hands and I am a little nervous how she'll react to situations like that when the baby arrives. Thankfully Michael is my rock solid big boy.

I have Little Michael who always calls me out on stuff and I really appreciate it.