Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freakin' out

Last night Emmett was having a fit while David and I were trying to get Liliana ready for bed. David asked Liliana, "Is Emmett freakin' out?" and Liliana said, "Emmett freakin' out!" Then she said, "Mommy freakin' out."
David said, "Mommy's not freakin' out. Mommy's just a freak."
Liliana responded with, "No. Mommy not. Mommy OK."
Good job Liliana - I'll give you that cookie I promised you after daddy goes to work!


Mindy Hales said...

Too cute!!

Cherine said...

That is funny. It reminds me that Michael always says he is on dads team and Abigail is on my team, but really they are both team mom! ;)